The Largest Software Companies are investing in Sustainability Software

Here´s why, and what they are offering 

If you’re looking for more evidence that businesses are all-in on sustainability, just take a peek at what the major software companies are up to. 

A quick visit to their websites will show you they’ve got whole sections dedicated to sustainability. What’s more, they’re not stopping at words – they’ve rolled out comprehensive software solutions designed for sustainability. And they´re opening their platforms for partners to innovate with developing further ESG tools.  

These tech giants are no strangers to serving businesses all around the world. With their substantial resources and brainpower, they’re continually cooking up new solutions. They’re not limited to one aspect of sustainability like some of the smaller players who might focus solely on emissions measurement, for example. 

On top of that, they’ve got the experience of working with a wide range of businesses, so they offer valuable insights, best practices, industry know-how, and ways of helping smaller companies operate more efficiently. Along the way, they’ve gathered data and processes they can put to work for developing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) software. 

But it’s not just about transforming data into actionable insights for businesses. These software giants set the trends and have the resources to set the pace rather than just keeping up. They invest in innovation, often bringing new solutions to market even before the market is ready. Sure, some clients like to stick with the old “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” adage, but these software companies are all about pushing the envelope. That’s why we’re calling sustainability the new “going digital.” 

Now, let’s have a quick dive into what these tech giants are offering when it comes to sustainability. *  


Sustainability Solutions, Software & Services | SAP 

As the leading enterprise software provider, SAP is deeply invested in sustainability. Their SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises focuses on three main areas: climate action, circular economy, and social responsibility. The key focus remains on data – the crucial factor that enables companies to accurately record, report, and take meaningful actions for a sustainable future. 

 SAP introduces SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises – YouTube 


Sustainability | Oracle 

On their sustainability webpage, Oracle brings together their own ESG reporting, sustainability solutions, and CSR. The solutions zero in on four key areas: cloud computing powered by renewable energy, supply chain management, monitoring and reporting, and an integrated ESG solution currently in development. Oracle’s Statement of Direction for their latest solution responds to the significant challenge faced by customers in collecting ESG data from various systems. 

Oracle technology enables sustainability for customers – YouTube 


Carbon Accounting – Measure & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Salesforce EMEA 

True to their commitment to cloud, Salesforce aims to deliver a cloud-based suite to help companies measure emissions and act on reducing them. Like every other software provider, Salesforce emphasizes the importance of data-driven insights to empower decision makers.  

A remarkable feature is the comprehensive transparency of implementation costs, presented in a datasheet with features, benefits, and pricing. 

Net Zero: Analyzing and Managing our Environmental Impact | Salesforce – YouTube 


Microsoft Sustainability – Products for a Sustainable Future 

Microsoft underlines the power of partnerships to drive sustainable innovation. Their solutions focus on monitoring and managing environmental performance, automating data connections, and leveraging cloud-based technologies. Microsoft Azure, their cloud computing platform, is committed to reducing emissions, claiming a significant carbon footprint reduction (up to 98%) by moving on-premises workloads to the platform.  

Enabling a more sustainable future with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability – YouTube 


Sustainability  |  Google Cloud 

Google provides a wide range of cloud solutions for sustainability, to help customers reduce their footprint and increase climate resilience. Their solutions cover carbon emissions reporting, data centers, and supply chain.  

There is a strong emphasis on the ecosystem, as Google helps other software companies to develop their own sustainability solutions by leveraging its technology, AI developments and well-known apps.  

Google Sustainability | Our global progress to transition to a sustainable future – YouTube 


IBM’s main solution consolidates ESG data across enterprises, making it ready for analysis and reporting. A very promising feature is the readiness for European CSRD reporting. The solution revolves around data, covering collection, disclosure, and analytical tools to assist in setting decarbonization goals and tracking performance. 

Turn sustainability ambition into action – YouTube 


Exploring how big tech companies tackle sustainability is like taking a masterclass in sustainability for business. They have a strong commitment, through software, partnerships, consulting, and educational materials. As in any other business process, data is crucial for sustainability. The software for gathering and analyzing ESG data is essential for making businesses more sustainable. Choosing to adopt the right tools for sustainable business management is a smart move for companies aiming to succeed in a future where sustainability is a top priority. 

This is the first in a series of articles in collaboration with Jolanda Gallas, Sustainability Consultant T-Systems.  

*The information and links in this article are based on the companies’ statements on their sustainability-dedicated websites and YouTube channels.  

**Banner: Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


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