HR and Sustainability: Shaping the Future Together

HR’s role in shaping a responsible business goes beyond traditional functions.
From policy development to employee engagement programs, HR initiatives drive a culture that values sustainability, influencing every aspect of organizational life.

The Danger of Greenwashing and how to Protect Your Brand

Greenwashing is damaging not only to consumers and the environment but also to a company’s reputation and bottom line.
Global regulations aim to combat greenwashing by enforcing standardized, transparent, and truthful environmental communication.

How to tell your sustainability story

For heads of sustainability in Europe today, reporting according to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is one of the biggest tasks ahead.

How to create a great ESG report (Part II)

Today there is a lot of emphasis on sustainability reporting. It is not only a way to communicate your company’s environmental, social, and governance performance, but also a catalyst for improving it.

How to create a great ESG report (Part 1)

Good sustainability reports increase awareness for the company, and ultimately contribute to a greater company valuation. They prove how the company´s mission, values and strategy come together to serve all stakeholders.

How Software Companies Maximize Their Positive Impact

Handprint on computer screen

Most software companies strive to maximize their positive impact by providing tools for their clients, businesses or end-users, to become more sustainable. Many people who work for these companies find purpose in being part of a larger mission – to transform the world. I know I do.

Trust – the ultimate currency

Library, people reading or chatting

In a virtual world, with little opportunity for face-to-face connections, what are the options to build trust and engagement? A recent Gallup article reports that trust in leadership and employee engagement are diminishing. Communication is always among the top recommendations for leaders who want to build trust.

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