As a business leader, you need to own your sustainability strategy.

Talk about what you believe in and the good things you do (so you can do more).

As a business leader you need to own your sustainability strategy.

Talk about what you believe in and the good things you do (so you can do more of it) .

We make environmental, social, and governance issues (ESG) actionable by helping build a plan for YOUR business, enabling you to amplify your positive impact.

Your challenges – our support

Access the know-how you need to:

Grapple with all dimensions of ESG and break it down to what's relevant to your business
Build a sustainability plan that is aligned with your business goals
Create a convincing, data-driven narrative about what your business is doing for employees, customers, and investors
Catch up with your competitors who are already out of the gate on sustainability strategy and communications
Leave a better world for future generations, while running a successful business

You’re in the right place. Welcome!

We’re Angela & Olivia and together we’re Dunn & Falkenstein.

We create and finetune your sustainability strategy and communications plan. Our solutions are best fit for small and midsize tech and professional services companies.

Your company is unique. Your role as a leader is to build a long-lasting, resilient business. We will work with you to translate your uniqueness into a positive legacy. We empower you to talk about your business in a compelling way.

Our Consulting Advisory

ESG Discovery &

Understand and demystify sustainability for your business, create an ESG diagnosis and a roadmap for sustainability strategy and planning.

ESG Planning & Communications

After the diagnosis is created and a roadmap for sustainability planning is set, it’s time to set smart goals and follow through with the sustainability transformation plan.

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Olivia is passionate and diligent in all she does. She asks questions and where appropriate challenges, to ensure she knows what is required and then works effectively, often above the 'call of duty' to complete... Her more recent career in sustainability shows her true belief in doing good for all.

Shelagh McManus, Marketing Director Forcepoint

Angela joined Celonis at a critical time in our growth journey when we as founders wanted to improve our communications game to keep our stakeholders engaged and informed. She introduced and executed a consistent cadence of communications aligned with our business priorities and our founder mindset, leading to enhanced employee satisfaction as well as a jump in leadership trust scores. I highly recommend her to other leaders who are grappling with communicating strategically and authentically.

Alexander Rinke, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Celonis

I have worked directly with Olivia on a number of projects supporting clients as they implement strategies for sustainability/ESG. I have been deeply impressed with what I have seen first hand. Olivia thinks strategically and critically. She is adept at isolating issues that are particularly relevant to the client. She is well-qualified as an ESG auditor but her skills are not confined to reporting. She uses her insights into a company's ESG performance by applying that knowledge and experience to guide decisions on future actions that have demonstrably enabled firms to enhance their resilience, manage ESG-related risks, seize opportunities to innovate, and to communicate a powerful evidence-based ESG narrative to key stakeholders. I am not using hyperbole when I say Olivia is an exceptional talent.

Tim House
COO, ESG Advisory at BDO

Olivia Falkenstein is a member of the IFRS Sustainability Alliance

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